Application Instructions

Application of your decal requires only a few simple steps.
  1. Start with a clean, dry, smooth surface to adhere the decal to.
  2. Lay the decal face up on a table and use the edge of a credit card (like a squeegee) to make sure the clear transfer tape is well adhered to the vinyl; think of using it like a squeegee.
  3. Flip the decal face down on the table and peel up the backing paper, leaving the decal stuck to the translucent transfer tape. If you notice that any part of the decal does not adhere to the clear tape, lay that part of the decal back down and press on the paper with your finger till the decal sticks to the transfer tape. Likewise, if any of the paper comes up with the decal, carefully peel it off exposing the adhesive side of the vinyl.
  4. Carefully align the sticker where you'd like to place it. The adhesive is intended to be permanent (last for several years outdoors), so you will not be able to re-position it once it comes in contact with another surface.
  5. When you have the decal properly located, stick-down one edge of the transfer tape and slide/rub your finger across the entire decal. Hold one side of the decal up off the surface, using your finger to press it down as you go. Work carefully, as the vinyl is very sticky and will be difficult to re-position.
  6. Use the edge of a credit card (or other rigid card) to remove any wrinkles or bubbles. Work from the center of the decal, sliding the card to the outside of the decal.
  7. Remove the transfer tape by peeling it back at a steep angle to the applied surface. If the decal starts to come up with the tape, use your finger to press the tape & decal back down. Rub firmly till the decal adheres well, then try again to remove the tape. If you end-up with any bubbles under the vinyl, you can make a small pin hole in the vinyl and use your card to press the air out.
If you have any problems, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.